22 Sep 2017, 13:23

Reviewed: Flex Seal - Scam or Legit


Designed a product of Swift Response, LLC and by Phil Swift, Flex Seal is an aerosol spray containing a rubber sealant that promises to prevent leakage, and to seep into cracks. Flex Seal’s manufacturers claim that it will last for years without losing some of its properties that are sealing, peeling, or cracking, whether from winter cold or summer heat.

The business asserts that Flex Seal can be used on cement driveways, roofs, pipes, window trimming, gutters, AC drip pans, ductwork, and much more, even though it’s not meant to protect against water pressure or wind. Like most “As Seen on TV” products, Flex Seal includes a 100% satisfaction warranty.

How Flex Seal Works

Before using Flex Seal, you spray in sweeping moves approximately 12-14 inches, dry and clean your face, and should shake the can well. The organization recommends that temperatures should be higher, and that several coats be applied to an area bigger than where the leak happened.

When you are ready to use Flex Seal press on the nozzle, at which stage a thick liquid will take out, which will seep into openings and cracks. Over the course of 24 hours, depending on humidity, temperature, and thickness, this liquid will dry and become a flexible coating. The can sprayed and should be inverted as a way to clean the nozzle.

Flex Seal(flexreviews.org) comes in three colour variations: Original black formulation, the mild “Brite” colour, and the new clear variation. The version has a modified formulation, which might require additional applications is order while all three versions can be painted over after drying.

Flex Seal Pricing & Return Policy

1 large can of Flex Seal currently costs $19.99, plus $9.95 shipping and handling. Together with your purchase, you’ll also get a second big can as an additional bonus, though you will have to pay an addition $9.95 for “shipping and handling,” that is where lots of them “As Seen on TV” products actually make their money. Your shipment should arrive within 2-4 weeks after ordering.

If you are unhappy with Flex Seal for any reason, you will have up to 30 days to return the unused part, minus handling and shipping prices. To initiate a refund call 800-307-6201 to get an RMA. When the item is received and inspected, your credit card will be refunded.


Coating claims to seal gap, crack, or any leak.

Inexpensive when compared to other solutions that are significant.

Easy to use, and not cluttered.

Dries in one day.


Flex Seal is an “As Seen on TV” product, which frequently don’t fulfill your first expecations.

Complaints which the coating lotions after a time period and breaks off, or that it doesn’t function as promised. Experienced leakage and some have claimed to have used two cans.

Solutions can be bought for as little as $ 5 at your neighborhood hardware store, without shipping and handling fees or hassles.